Three Free Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Three Free Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs


If you are an entrepreneur, you already know the value of marketing your skills and services. Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by the thought of marketing because they think of the large price tag that can be associated with this task.

However, marketing doesn’t have to cut into your company’s bottom line. Use the following three tips to take advantage of free marketing platforms.

Social Media

outsource seo servicesSocial media is one of the easiest ways to market your services. One well-written and well-placed post on a social media site can be shared and seen by thousands of people. You can find free online tutorials that will teach you how to craft your social media posts, and when to post them for the maximum return on your effort.

Local Clubs

This may sound fairly old-school, however, local clubs and meetup groups are a great way to market your business to those with similar interests.

Just make sure you aren’t showing up to pimp your business and then roll out. Make an attempt to interact with others and make solid connections with people that can likely turn into friendships.

Neighborhood Meetings

consult an seo specialist philippinesAnother great way to market your business is to attend neighborhood events. Don’t be overly pushy, but mention to your neighbors that you have a business and tell them a little about what you do. Again, don’t go to these events for the sole purpose of making money. Go with the mindset of making friends and solid connections with those in your neighborhood. If you glean clients from the experience, that’s a bonus for you and them.

Marketing your business doesn’t have to eat into your profit. These ideas are just a few of the ways you can market your business for free – you just need to invest a little time and creativity into your marketing efforts. And don’t be afraid to use the internet to find tips, seo quotes, and maybe tutorials on marketing ideas.